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If the text is first person singular it is I, Herbert Burke expressing my own views or experiences. If written in first person plural, the content reflects Energize Northwest’s views. For the moment, they are the same but I hope others will make this a group effort. I encourage other knowledgeable people to contact us.  If you want to help you can fill out the form on the Contact Us page or just email us at help@energizenw.com.

Much of the data we will reference is Washington State based data. I started this as a Washington State project and luckily, the State has great online databases. With time and more help, we will incorporate data for the whole region. For now, most of our discussions are based on Washington State data.

As a teacher, I am delighted and amazed at the internet’s ability to spread knowledge. However, I abhor its spider web-like nature which traps you into a web of endless advertising and displays of obsolete and or irrelevant information. We will not distract you with pop up ads and will avoid sending you to other sites that do. Whenever possible we will copy documents onto our site to keep you from becoming entangled in others’ webs. However, sometimes this is not physically or legally possible.

We try to use boldface blue on all of the links within our site and light blue when the link goes elsewhere. When we link you offsite, we usually open it in the same window to enable you to return with just a back click. When we link you to a whole site, we will open it in a new window to enable you to explore that site at will. To get back, you can just close the new window. When we link to a lengthy report, usually a pdf, we will note its size so you prevent tying up your computer with a lengthy download.

Much of the data we refer to is from government databases, professional organizations, and companies’ own websites. Popular sources like Scientific American and The New York Times will also be referred to when relevant. We use Wikipedia extensively because its information is public domain, it usually has detailed explanations, and lists links to the article’s sources which are great for further research. My wife is always chiding me because Wikipedia is subject to malicious editing. (I respond that boring technical information is rarely changed but after today, I have to concur with her. Today, I needed some data about Washington State and noticed that according to Wikipedia our newly elected Governor has taken office a month and a half early.) (Since Jay Inslee became our governor on January 16, 2013, that means that the “Today” when I originally wrote this was around the beginning of December 2012). In any case, whenever possible we will copy data that is subject to unauthorized changing to our own database to prevent changes.

For the moment, Energize Northwest is a labor of love. To expand it to its full potential will require workers and money. Therefore, we will entertain sponsorships from the likes of the Gates Foundation, Energy Northwest, GE, Westinghouse, or others who share our views. Money will not bias our views so the coal, petroleum, and natural gas lobbies can keep their checkbooks closed.

See the Contact Us page if you want to be a part of our effort.