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Energize Northwest starting as a labor of love. We need all kinds of help. Burke is not a writer. Heck he is not even a blogger, but he is a science educator. He feels that we are in this global warming mess because science education in this country is so lacking that we have allowed science deniers to run much of our government. Energize Northwest is his attempt to rectify this.

We need all types of help. Besides the usual editors, researchers, and technicians, we need non-Washingtonians. As Burke stated in Our Content section, he started this with what he was familiar with, which is Washington State centered. We desperately need people from the surrounding states and British Columbia. What we know about the relation between Idahoans and the Idaho National Laboratory comes from the internet. We need locals if we are to going to be able to motivate all the peoples of the Northwest.

If you want to help, or even just comment, use the form below. You do not have to give us anything more than your Name and Email Address to comment, but we will need more information if you want to participate. None of your information will be passed on to other organizations without your permission.